Canoeing in Toya lake – Fantastic!!!

I know! I’ve changed a lot, right?!
Well, c’est la vie!


6 Responses to “Canoeing in Toya lake – Fantastic!!!”

  1. zesman Says:

    Ối, ối, lúc đầu tao cứ tưởng mày chơi cái đầu đó chứ.

  2. Zelly Says:

    ow, you’re changing from a small boy peeing into a fat old man so quick, honey =)).

  3. Says:

    (^0^) Ahahaha!!!!! Omoshire

  4. Tabirhythm Says:

    kieu dau trong mot phet C beo,doi de.

  5. funfactory Says:

    Hehehe! He’s my prof.

    Zelly, old man still pees, honey! ^_^

  6. Zelly Says:

    well, I would be surprised if an old man doesnt pee 😛 unless he… hihihi

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